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CoreXalance Workshop Series 2012: Book now!

For the first time ever, CoreXalance is proud to present a workshop series in 2012, aptly named Mind Your Business (Annual). This series will span over a time period of ten weeks, with one session every week. Each four hour session will start at 14h00 in the afternoon, ensuring minimal disruption in your workday.
CoreXalance Workshop Series 2012: Book now!
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The main objective of the workshop series is to help you create and run a sustainable business. The topics that will be covered over the ten week period will be:

1) My Business
i. How to present your company to stakeholders.
ii. Where are we going?
iii. How will we get there?

2) Legislative Compliance
i. Am I trading in the correct legal entity?
ii. Am I registered with the correct statutory bodies and associations?
iii. Do we comply with the relevant legislation?

3) Management Controls
i. Doing a SWOT analysis that actually impacts my business.
ii. Employee communication / motivation to create an efficient team.
iii. Implement employee controls that protect your business from fraud.

4) Financial Controls
i. How do I know if my company is liquid and profitable?
ii. What to check weekly, monthly and annually.
iii. Understanding the financial statements and management accounts.
iv. Zoom in on your biggest asset - your debtors.

5) Operational Controls
i. How to build strong clients relationships.
ii. How to deal with your suppliers.

6) Internal Controls
i. Systems
ii. Policies
iii. Key Indicators
iv. Checklists

7) External Controls
i. Knowing your competitors
ii. Staying in the loop - social media

The CoreXalance business model is tried, tested and trusted to get every section of your business in check. All small and medium businesses are invited to attend, as this model applies to any business.

The series will be held in Johannesburg over May, June and July 2012. Refreshments will also be served during the workshops to ensure maximum comfort to attendees. There are limited seats available so hurry up and book today.

For more information, please contact:
Tanya Meyer
Tel: 011 675 6188/

2 Feb 2012 11:20