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Accreditation and what it means in the media industry

Back to basics with accreditation and what it means in the media industry - why is it so important?
We have put together this quick summary, in preparation for the launch of two new exciting features on our blog!

The first feature, Welcome to the "A List", will showcase our newly accredited advertising practitioners (AP's) and provide a few quick stats on who they are and what they do. The second feature, The "A List" will showcase our current accredited AP's and give you a sneak peek into who they are, what they do and what makes them so successful.

Accreditation (n)
the act of accrediting a debtor based on specific criteria and on the condition that a security is provided.

Accreditation is a verification of an advertising practitioner's (AP's) sustainability and stability. It means that the AP has met the criteria for accreditation and provided security for their dealings with media owners. It also means that the AP is monitored on a monthly basis and that they are in good standing with the media owners who they are doing business with. For advertisers, and marketers, it is a form of assurance that their agency has the ability to get their advertising campaigns into the media across various platforms.

What are the benefits of accreditation?
  • Ease of admin for the AP and the media owner
  • Credibility that the business is not a fly-by-night
  • An extra set of eyes to pick up potential risks in the business
  • Convenience of providing one security to be managed, instead of many
  • Simplified barriers of entry for newcomers that are serious about surviving in this competitive market
What do media owners say about accreditation?

"Accreditation, to me, means that an advertising agency has some kind of guarantee/ security administrated by CoreXalance. We expect all agencies to complete an accreditation application, as this is what the Credit Act expects from us, but if an agency is accredited we know that all the necessary checks have already been done by CoreXalance." - Elke Pretorius, Ads 24

"For us it offers peace of mind, should something happen to one of the larger agencies. It is also good to have someone to bounce things off of if we see a red flag somewhere. On the flip side, it's also a lot easier to extend terms (and feel comfortable about it) to agencies who are accredited. It means that they are running a good business with people who are proud of the way they operate." - Niki Patterson, Apurimac Media

"There are so many fly-by-night companies that think they can make it, however being accredited means that they are an established business and that they are competent and credible. It offers them protection." - Betsie Els, The Citizen

"It means that the credit vetting has already been done on a specific agency; they are good to have business dealings with and that their reputation is still good in the media industry." - Meagan Dowman, Associated Media

"Accreditation is important because, as a media owner, I need to know that I am doing business with a credible advertising agency (that has passed the accreditation process, provided the necessary security and obtained the necessary certification) and that they will deliver payment on time (even during tough trading conditions)." - Anastatia Retief, Independent Newspapers.

What do advertising practitioners say about accreditation?

"It offers a level of comfort and gives us recognition within the industry. It also makes the media owners feel more comfortable." - Gillian O'Mahoney, AEGIS

"It gives you a good reputation in the industry and it shows that you are in a good financial position and are credit worthy" - Sean Clarke, The Media Shop

"Accreditation should be earned. This in return shows responsibility" - Gary Westwater, Omnicom Media

What is the "A List?"

The A List is a complete list of all the accredited AP's and is updated on a monthly basis. This list can be purchased directly from CoreXalance. Email to get your hands on the latest list!

Keep your eyes on our blog for the first installments of "Welcome to the A List" and "The A List" COMING SOON!

16 Jul 2015 09:26