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CoreXalance Credit Awards 2013

Another year has come and gone, and what a year it has proven to be. As part of the annual year-end function, CoreXalance once again awarded the financial departments of the media owners they do business with. Mandy Kayser, CEO of CoreXalance, explains: "We started the year-end awards in 2009 after it came to our attention that the finance and credit departments were, often, not getting recognition for their hard work, behind the scenes. This year marks our fifth annual awards ceremony, and each year we strive to make it bigger and better!"
The theme for this year was "Celebrating South African brands" and it was chosen because brands are, after all, the core of the media and advertising industry.

The award categories were:
  1. Hands-on award - this award focuses on media owners who paid fees on time, sent in their age analysis on time and responded to and attended all CoreXalance Networking Functions. The winners were: 3rd place: Apurimac Media; 2nd place: Media 24 T/A Ads 24 and 1st place: Ramsay Media.
  2. How low can you go - given to the media owners who have the lowest overdue percentages by resolving queries, passing necessary credits quickly and collecting debt well. The winners were: 3rd place: Capro; joint 2nd place: Associated Media and Primedia Broadcasting and joint 1st place: The Citizen and Caxton Magazines.
  3. Best debtors department - this award is voted by agencies, as well as the various departments within CoreXalance, and focuses on how quickly and efficiently a media owner resolves queries and responds to emails and phone calls. The winner of this category was: Times Media.
  4. Most improved debtor's book award - given to media owners who showed an improvement in their debtor's book percentage. The winners were: 3rd place: Associated Hearst; 2nd place: SABC and 1st place: Apurimac Media.
  5. Most consistent debtor's book - given to media owners who had the biggest and most consistent increase in collection over 12 months. The winners were: joint 2nd place: SABC, Primedia Broadcasting and Caxton Magazines; joint 1st place: Carpe Diem and The Citizen.
  6. Credit Professional of the year - this award celebrates the great work an individual does for their respective credit departments. Individuals are judged on the returning of calls, quick and effective response to queries, sustaining an effective relationship with others and being an all - round effective and professional individual. The winner this year was Usha Lalla from Times Media.
  7. CoreXalance Credit Excellence Award - this coveted award takes all the above categories into consideration and is the overall award of the evening. The winners were: 2nd runner up: United Stations; runner up: Primedia Broadcasting and the winner: Apurimac Media.
Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to each person who attended and contributed to the success of the evening!

Photos of the event will be posted to the CoreXalance website and the Facebook page soon.

For more information about these awards, please contact:

(011) 476 1533

5 Nov 2013 09:54