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We offer low-cost sales channel incentives and staff recognition and rewards solutions. Our flexible packages are uniquely designed to meet your business requirements and deliver results for your challenges.
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How a channel incentive helps your businessMotivate your channel sales partners, and they will be as passionate about your products and your brand as you are! 13 Apr 2018 Read more

An employee engagement programme done rightAn employee engagement programme can effectively modify employee behaviour and yield the desired results for your business. 12 Apr 2018 Read more

How recognising staff effectively changes behaviourThere are several factors that determine business success, but the most important - by far - is employee behaviour. 11 Apr 2018 Read more

Why peer-to-peer recognition is importantDid you know that one of the top reasons people leave their jobs is a lack of recognition? 26 Mar 2018 Read more

Six steps to ensuring that your employees remain motivatedThe success of a company can often be measured by the morale of its employees. If your employees are happy, productive, and motivated, it is a sign that you are a good leader. But how do you motivate your employees every day? At a loss? Here are six steps to ensuring that your employees remain motivated: 23 Feb 2018 Read more

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