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Intelligent surveys and reports in real time, across a broad range of industries. (CEM) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) are a key focus for Surveway. On-Pack solutions for deeper customer engagement.
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Importance of conducting 'real-time' patient satisfaction surveysToday, more and more healthcare organisations, clinics, and GPs are conducting patient satisfaction surveys. User-friendly feedback pads and tablets housed in an attractive kiosk with "live real-time" surveys offer a simple way to collect information for finding gaps in customer care and to understand how to improve services, "getting in-the-moment feedback" you can act on straight away, before the unhappy patient leaves! 20 Jun 2018 Read more

Smiley face feedback terminals for instant customer responseFeedback pads with smiley face icons indicate if customers are happy or not. They are placed at various touch points in your store/company/building. 7 Jun 2018 Read more

The mystery of the SA mass market\How is your brand performing in the mass market? Do you know if you have stock on the shelf? What is your competitor doing in this market? 28 Sep 2016 Read more

A full customer experience feedback solution!It is now possible to buy or hire an elegant solution for your showroom or store. 21 Sep 2016 Read more

The purpose of QR codesNo matter how or where companies advertise, QR codes aren't that far away. Why is that? Learn about the impact of QR codes on mobile marketing and why businesses love using them to reach a wide range of their target audience. 5 Aug 2016 Read more

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