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When you should (or shouldn't) bother with travel insuranceNo matter what your holiday plans involve, whenever you open a travel brochure advertising an island getaway, book a cheap flight to Durban, or visit a travel agent to discuss a trip to Europe, there is an insistence that you pay for travel insurance. 6 Jul 2018 Read more

Why Cape Town is still a top tourist hotspot in 2018While the laid-back attitude of Capetonians drives the folk from fast-paced Joburg crazy, Cape Town's award-winning tourism reputation, that often sees it listed in "World's Best" categories, seems to be unstoppable. 5 Jun 2018 Read more

Four secrets to finding the cheapest flightsEven travel experts will tell you that booking cheap flights is not as easy as the airlines will have you believe with their clever slogans and enticing advertising. These four tips and tricks will ensure that the flight you choose really is the best deal available at the time. 4 May 2018 Read more

What you need to apply for your Schengen visa in 2018South Africans planning a trip on SA Airlines or other international airlines to EU countries, that require a Schengen visa, should be prepared for a stricter application process (and longer turnaround time) than in the past. Globally, South Africa is earmarked as a country with a risk of fraudulent documentation being submitted, and European countries have imposed much stricter controls to curb the high incidence of visas being wrongfully issued. 10 Apr 2018 Read more

Eight countries South African passport holders can visit without a visaA common misconception is that travelling on a South African passport is limiting and incurs huge visa costs. While this may be true for some countries, there are a total of ninety countries that welcome South Africans visa-free. 7 Mar 2018 Read more

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