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Picture Tree's Gersh Kgamedi is on a rollLast Thursday saw the premiere of Gersh Kgamedi's feature film directing debut, She is King at the Joburg Theater. The glamourous event was a huge success with the cast (including Aubrey Poo, Sophie Ndaba, Khanyi Mbau and Khabonina Qubeka and Gugu Zulu) and much of the crew in attendance. This English/Zulu musical is a first for SAfrica, and is to be released on 1 December 2017. 3 Nov 2017 Read more
Curtis joins Picture TreeCurtis Gallon has joined Picture Tree! Curtis offers something that none of the other directors offer, and that is tabletop and food direction. He has huge amounts of patience and a passion for the detail required in directing food and other things that don't really move by themselves. 30 Mar 2017 Read more
Picture Tree's Wim Steytler wins big at the Pendoring AwardsWim Steytler directed the four Sanlam Woordfees commercials for ad agency King James. The campaign won the Prestige Award at last weekend's Pendoring Awards as well as two additional golds and a silver. The one ad, Die Mystic Boer, also won a silver craft. Excellent, Wim! 4 Nov 2016 Read more
Picture Tree's Bevan Cullinan and M&C Saatchi Abel do it in the rain for MWEBOn a rainy, winter's night in the industrial centre of Germiston, director Bevan Cullinan and his Picture Tree team, along with the MWEB client and M&C Saatchi Abel, had to make a decision. Shoot in the pouring rain or do a weather claim? The water bowzer was sent home and shooting began. 21 Jun 2016 Read more
Picture Tree's Richard Truter helms trio of SABC TV licence ads"We wanted to convey the idea that a television works as hard as those elements that you might unquestioningly consider as integral to what that a business does," explains Picture Tree director, Richard Truter. And that's what he brought to the trio of 30-second spots recently produced by Picture Tree for DDB Johannesburg. 17 Jun 2016 Read more
Wim Steytler earns trio of nominations for upcoming Silwerskerm Film FestivalA short film conceived and written by Picture Tree director, Wim Steytler, has earned a trio of high-profile nominations at the upcoming kykNET's Silwerskerm Film Festival. 31 Aug 2015 Read more
Bevan Cullinan joins Picture TreeBevan Cullinan, multi-awarded performance director, also known by South African audiences as a comedian, joins Picture Tree this month, adding twelve years of directing experience to the company. 26 Feb 2015 Read more
Wim Steytler and Okmalumkoolkat collaborate on dramatic new videoPicture Tree Director Wim Steytler has collaborated with Okmalumkoolkat to create a music video that's as much a thrilling musical journey as a compelling contemplation on what it means to be rejected by society. 8 Dec 2014 Read more
Picture Tree's Fausto Becatti wins PromaxDBA Africa AwardPicture Tree Director Fausto Becatti was part of the team that took home a PromaxDBA Africa Award recently. 27 Nov 2014 Read more
Picture Tree's Fausto Becatti helms new Shadowclub video shot on bolex camerasFausto Becatti's video for Shadowclub's "Dirt and the Rubble" is a deeply moving mash-up of analogue film and digital footage and scenes drawn from the director's personal archive as well as freshly shot images. 17 Nov 2014 Read more
Holding out for a heroEvery year, thousands upon thousands of abandoned or homeless animals are rescued by non-profit shelters, resulting in over-crowded and under-funded organisations. 17 Oct 2014 Read more
Picture Tree's Steytler brings Afro-futuristic vision to Core Cider commercialWim Steytler's growing reputation as a director with a pioneering Afro-futuristic vision has been confirmed yet again with a new television commercial for Core Premium Cider. 11 Sep 2014 Read more
Picture Tree's Wim Steytler Helms moving Metropolitan commercialPicture Tree director, Wim Steytler, is once again stretching the boundaries of television commercial-making with his moving new ad for Metropolitan. 15 Jul 2014 Read more
Picture Tree director Wim Steytler was awarded a prize at the prestigious CFP-E/Shots Young Director Award - widely regarded as the hottest show in the world for discovering new directing talent. The work Steytler was awarded for is Minted - the music video he directed for acclaimed electronic artist, Haezer. 2 Jul 2014 Read more
Picture Tree director in the running for prestigious Young Director AwardPicture Tree director, Wim Steytler, is in the running for a prestigious Young Director Award (YDA) at this year's Cannes Lions. 13 Jun 2014 Read more
Picture Tree's Steytler earning praise for visionary Haezer videoThe Wim Steytler-directed video for Haezer's new single, Minted, is earning high praise for its visionary depiction of Johannesburg's unseen inner-city. 19 May 2014 Read more
Picture Tree's Fausto gets super fresh with infectious new Smoothies commercialThe delightfully infectious and kinetic power of Smoothies sweets is superbly brought to life in a new commercial directed by Picture Tree's Fausto Becatti. 8 May 2014 Read more
Picture Tree's Fausto Becatti gives insurance a side-splitting twistPicture Tree's Fausto Becatti recently helmed a new spot for Standard Bank Car and Home Insurance - with side-splittingly funny results. 2 Apr 2014 Read more
Picture Tree's Alan Irvin "looks at life in kilometres"For the agency Sw!tch, and client Imperial, Alan has directed a fabulous, simply executed ad with a great soundtrack and a superb payoff line: "Look at life in kilometres". 14 May 2013 Read more
Alan Irvin shoots Vodacom commercialDirector Alan Irvin of Picture Tree recently completed a Vodacom television commercial for Ireland/Davenport. It's a quirky spin about a dad, his daughter and her date. 8 May 2013 Read more
Picture Tree signs new director - Richard TruterRichard, born and raised South African, product of London Film School, Y&R visualiser to mid-nineties, and then became part of the UK Soho madness with a signing to Geofrey Seymour Films & Livewire, and later with the eclectic ASD Lionheart roster of directors. 22 Feb 2013 Read more
Picture Tree gives South Africa the power to...Picture Tree director, JH Beetge, recently completed the latest TV and cinema commercial for Cell C and the "The Power to..." campaign. This brand manifesto has flighted in cinemas and will do so on television soon. 12 Dec 2012 Read more
Picture Tree goes double for summerCommercials production company, Picture Tree, has kicked summer off with the new TVC for Vodacom and their "If it's nice, you get it twice. Double your summer" campaign. Featuring almost all of South Africa's best-loved twin celebs, it plays on the notion of having double of everything. At the heart of this story is an Indian family who really do have two of everything (including their twin boys who marry twins in a double wedding). 19 Nov 2012 Read more
JH Beetge gets you to Believe in MagicJH, newly appointed as a director at Picture Tree, blew people away with his beautiful direction of the recent 'My life as a movie' commercial for M-Net. 23 Aug 2012 Read more
Alan Irvin wins Creative Circle's ad of the monthPicture Tree's Alan Irvin and DDB South Africa recently won the Creative Circle's ad of the month for their McDonalds Kids Parties commercial. 14 Aug 2012 Read more
JH moves to PT to do some CDJH (it's the ad industry, we can do that to his name) has moved to the Picture Tree stable. 3 Apr 2012 Read more
When retro and viral meets content and commercialsFausto - the projects director at Picture Tree. You know: the guy that is kicking ass in the viral, content and commercials space. Well, look what happens when you leave him and Mike Sharman, MD of Retroviral in a room together... 27 Mar 2012 Read more
Cute kids are leading the Checkers campaign, and Picture Tree's Oscar Strauss is the director with the magic touch. Eliciting performances that are raising 'oohs and aahs' across South Africa, the client was so thrilled that more commercials for this campaign have just been shot. 19 Oct 2011 Read more
Picture Tree's Alan Irvin quietly celebrated a Gold for DDB's McDonalds Kids Parties. 23 Sep 2011 Read more
You'll like, like itIn a world where the ubiquitous Facebook 'like' has become a verb, an easy click solution to let the world (or at least your social media friends) know what tickles your fancy, Picture Tree Projects crossed into the commercial world with a cute gal and a handful of 'like' stickers for Debonairs Pizza. 25 Jul 2011 Read more
Darren Gordon 'gets the picture'Industry renowned Darren Gordon recently joined the Picture Tree family as Alan Irvin's new producer. 14 Jul 2011 Read more
Picture Tree Director, Gersh Kgamedi has been out of action pursuing family business ventures but is back with a vengeance and promptly landed the latest ANC election campaign commercial. 23 May 2011 Read more
Picture Tree helps Draftfcb paint the town red with VodacomAlan Irvin from commercials production company, Picture Tree assisted DRAFTFCB and Vodacom in their recent teaser campaign, which showcases a series of 10-second commercials for the popular service provider's latest change - their colour. 11 May 2011 Read more
Local screenwriter hits the big time in HollywoodLocal writer and director Mukunda Michael Dewil has joined the ranks of South Africans making good in "la la land" with the likes of Niel Bloomkamp, Sharlto Copley and Gavin Hood, with his latest film Vehicle 19 making it on to Hollywood's 2010 Hit List for the year's best original screenplay. 20 Apr 2011 Read more
Picture Tree is thrilled to announce the launch of Fausto Becatti at the helm of the Picture Tree Projects division. 3 Mar 2011 Read more
Picture Tree go back to their RootsAd agency JWT (J Walter Thompson) and creatives, Sarel Dalport (Art Director), Freedom Masiba (Copywriter) and Ben Du Plessis (Art Director) recently took on brand powerhouse Loxion Kulca as one of their clients, and also formed a sub-brand, Roots, with them. Commercials production company, Picture Tree also got involved by funding and producing the commercial for the sub-brand. 15 Nov 2010 Read more
Alan Irvin does Rainbow Chicken commercialPicture Tree's Alan Irvin recently directed the very humorous and light-hearted Rainbow Chicken commercial. 13 Sep 2010 Read more
Picture Tree has been branching outJohannesburg-based commercials production company, Picture Tree, recently got involved in an initiative at JZ Malaza Primary School in Daveyton, where they donated 36 school tracksuits to children in need. 5 Aug 2010 Read more
This is what we did for 67 minutesCommercial production company Picture Tree, together with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, joined forces to film, edit and upload daily YouTube videos of the Nelson Mandela Bike Rally this last week. 19 Jul 2010 Read more
Picture Tree - a few leaves out of their book2010 has been a busy year for lots, but for boutique commercials production company Picture Tree, it's been mind-blowing and they are only now slowly seeing the light at the end of a crazy tunnel. 1 Jun 2010 Read more
Picture Tree's Mukunda dives inPicture Tree director Mukunda is yet again breaking borders with his innovative use of filming styles in the latest spot for Rehidrat. The series of three commercials, shot for JWT (Cape Town) sees the Tornado camera system from Film Media Services being taken under water - a concept never explored before on local soils. 15 Feb 2010 Read more
Picture Tree gets whackyLG's ‘whack'-enabled mobile handset has been brought to life in Picture Tree's latest TVC, showing you that it really is possible to be whoever you want to be. With a quirky script by client Y&R and Darren ‘Whackhead' Simpson as the face of the LG Chatterbox Pro, the shoot was destined to be a laugh from the onset. 18 Nov 2009 Read more
Picture Tree's Alan Irvin clocked up a Silver and Bronze at this year's Loeries for Vodacom's Player 23 spots that he directed for Draftfcb. 29 Sep 2009 Read more
Picture Tree director Alan Irvin, set the board for directing excellence at this year's Pendoring awards, winning the only two Golds awarded for TV. 22 Sep 2009 Read more
Picture Tree's Alan Irvin did a quick “one-two” punch nailing first and second place in the latest Creative Circle results for TV/cinema. 7 Aug 2009 Read more
Mukunda joins Picture TreeMukunda is joining Picture Tree's award-winning roster of directors: Ian Difford, Oscar Strauss, Gersh Kgamedi and Alan Irvin. 3 Jul 2009 Read more
Blink Stefanus is a busy guy. Not content with merely taking over the streets with his infamous ‘urban terrorist' tagging of inanimate objects, he's teamed up with Picture Tree's Oscar Strauss on a short film. 2 Jul 2009 Read more
Picture Tree celebrates local flavourPicture Tree's latest spot for agency Inroads took the team to the scrapyards of Johannesburg, scouting for the ideal location to transform the agency's script into director Gersh Kgamedi's dynamic vision. With a brief to create a motivational, uplifting final product to encourage entrepreneurship in SA, Gersh was given free reign to interpret the script - the result of which is a poignant, positive look at the creativity and vitality of the local SMME scene. 17 Jun 2009 Read more
Alan Irvin does MazdaCommissioned by Grey Advertising, director Alan Irvin's two 40” spots for the new Mazda BT50 had the Picture Tree crew heading to Mpumalanga for some spectacular panoramic shots. 11 Jun 2009 Read more
BMH London's Trevor Beattie hires Alan Irvin to create a snowstormThe story starts with a fresh young carrot being pulled out of the ground by a farmer - and taken straight into a field of snow. Then it's a short hop over a stream into a relaxed and wholesome family meal in a sun-dappled garden. That's how fresh McCain's frozen vegetables are - and that's what was portrayed in the first South African advertisement created for the local market for McCain's by renowned UK Creative Agency Head, Trevor Beattie, founder of the newly formed agency, BMB London (Agency of the Year 2008). BMB commissioned Alan Irvin of Picture Tree to direct the commercial. 5 May 2009 Read more
Juniper from Picture Tree wins at the MK Music AwardsThe award for Funniest Video went to Kooler Box, for his music video “Jou Moer”, at the MK Awards this year. 15 Apr 2009 Read more
Oscar's Pratley showcased in ShotsPicture Tree's Oscar Strauss was approached by Shots, the UK's leading ad industry publication, to showcase his Pratley commercial in the recent Shots South Africa feature. 20 Mar 2009 Read more
Picture Tree plays number 23The Super 14 is launching. Vodacom wants a new commercial: one that encompasses the excitement and passion of the Super 14, but one that is also iconically South African and true to the Vodacom brand. 10 Mar 2009 Read more
Ring of Fire gets a Flash makeoverTake a modest budget, a remake of a Johnny Cash single and an open-minded, up-and-coming SA punk rock band. Add a big imagination and cheeky Flash animation and the result is the latest music video offering from Submachine, directed by Picture Tree Projects' Juniper. 5 Aug 2008 Read more
Picture Tree Projects creates A Beautiful MorningPicture Tree Projects has recently completed a music video for The Black Hotels single, “Beautiful Mornings”. 30 Jul 2008 Read more
Picture Tree plays host to Arab and Italian coffee enthusiastsCreating the look-and-feel of an international commercial, destined exclusively for the South African market, was no easy feat. But this is just the kind of challenge the Picture Tree team were prepared for with the new spots for House of Coffees. 21 Jul 2008 Read more
Les Sharpe back in SAIn a joint effort between Picture Tree and their recently opened branch, Picture Tree Australia, Les Sharpe was invited back to SA for two jaw-dropping spots for FNB by FCB DRAFT. 16 Jul 2008 Read more
Picture Tree delivers for Wimpy and DebonairsPicture Tree's directors have teamed up to create a buffet of food commercials over the last two months. The recently completed commercials for Wimpy and Debonairs are currently on air and are the result of a crossover between the directing styles of three of Picture Tree's directors: Alan Irvin, Gersh Kgamedi and Ian Difford. 30 Jun 2008 Read more
Koekemoer steals the Vodacom spotlightVernon Koekemoer was a star attraction on Alan Irvin's Picture Tree set for the latest Vodacom commercial. 17 Apr 2008 Read more
Oscar Strauss's bid for the One ShowIt is clear why the compelling Smoking Baby commercial, directed by Oscar Strauss of Picture Tree, is a semi-finalist for New York's One Show awards. The ad's blunt message is that it takes three days for a newborn baby to beat nicotine withdrawal. 15 Apr 2008 Read more
Picture Tree doing the weather?Watching Picture Tree's latest commercial for Food and Trees for Africa, one might be fooled into thinking that Simon Gear has got his timing horribly wrong. A 30-second weather update in the middle of your comedy hour? Surely this is a scheduling error? On closer inspection, you see Bloemfontein now has a harbour, Cape Town is an isolated island in the middle of the Atlantic and the Kruger Park is now a desert. 18 Feb 2008 Read more
Never mind taking on the Aussies at rugby or cricket, commercial film production company Picture Tree has confirmed plans to explore opportunities in Australia early next year. In fact, Picture Tree's Sherry Bush will be based in Sydney to represent the company from March 2008. 24 Oct 2007 Read more
It'll make you chokeThe shock factor was undoubtedly what the Tobacco Action Group had in mind with the launch of their new spot shot by Oscar Strauss of Picture Tree. 30 Jul 2007 Read more
Just do it in cameraIf the script says the man needs to get sucked into the computer screen and into a dynamic 3D gaming world, you're gonna get Picture Tree's Brett Wild a little worked up. Why? “Well why not build the entire set on location, swing the camera around so the man is brought into the action and do the explosion in one take as well. It's simple really.” 20 Jun 2007 Read more
Oscar makes top 100SHOTS - one of the leading advertising reels worldwide is launching their top 100 commercials in their 100th issue. Due for release in March, it will be featuring interviews with 100 of the top ad industry people worldwide, as well as the top 100 commercials chosen from their reels since their launch date 17 years ago. 21 Feb 2007 Read more
Making the impossiblePicture Tree's Brett Wild has never been one to shy away from a challenge. When faced with a limited budget and tight timing Brett often works on a treatment that's exciting from a film making point of view - in-camera solutions to post production problems.  24 Jan 2007 Read more
Alan goes drive-by shootingPicture Tree's Alan Irvin was adamant that the direction on the new Nedbank commercial be as real and authentic as possible. "At the end of the day, the scenes in this spot are well-known scenarios. What makes the commercial interesting is the filmic style of close-up then slow-mo with a moving camera that allows the viewer to feel they are driving past the scene, and being drawn into a moment before moving on."  8 Dec 2006 Read more
Gersh, Soweto, Cell C and deadlinesPicture Tree's Gersh Kgamedi had his production office in overtime frenzy recently when he received a brief from Net#work on Thursday to start a three day shoot the following Wednesday!  20 Nov 2006 Read more
Oscar's at it again!"Picture Tree is the place to go if you have an unreasonable deadline!" says ARM Communication's Creative Director, James Robinson, after a mammoth month of shooting with Oscar Strauss.  25 Oct 2006 Read more
Who needs Benoni when you can have Boksburg?Picture Tree's Alan Irvin didn't need to twist the Morris Jones team's arm much when he pitched Boksburg as the setting for the Wimpy "I love it when you talk foreign" commercial.  10 Jul 2006 Read more
Brett's torturous shoot"It was the most difficult shoot ever," says Picture Tree's Brett Wild, "absolute torture." Perhaps now is the point you should download the QuickTime before reading further. 3 Jul 2006 Read more
Gersh gets more out his Morevite castPicture Tree's Gersh Kgamedi was so exasperated with his young cast members on the Morevite commercial, that the director went into Soweto himself to search the streets for boys who still remember what it's like to play outside. 28 Jun 2006 Read more
What a feeling!Picture Tree's Alan Irvin and the RMG creative team have hit the high notes once again with their superbly directed commercial for LG's Home Karaoke System. 31 May 2006 Read more
When hygiene's not all it's made out to be...The average cloth contains more bacteria than the average pair of underwear. How's that for a freaky fact? And that's exactly the premise on which Brett Wild of Picture Tree and King James Cape Town launched the TV campaign for "Hygienix" antibacterial disposable wipes. 23 May 2006 Read more
Looking for LeicaThat's what Picture Tree were quite literally doing on their recent shoot in Upington for Leica binoculars. Director, Alan Irvin and producer, Gary King, had a tumultuous time on this tightly scheduled shoot! 9 May 2006 Read more
A mere five months after launching his directing career at Picture Tree, Alan Irvin has just shot his 11th commercial. 4 Dec 2005 Read more
Downtown Newtown saw some rather "natural" action recently when Alan Irvin and his Picture Tree team shot the launch commercials for Freshpak Rooibos Ice Tea. 23 Nov 2005 Read more
Seems Oscar Strauss, Picture Tree director, is on a roll with international awards. His Glad Bags 'prisoner' spot produced by Picture Tree for DDB won at the 20th annual London International Advertising Awards on Monday night, much to the delight of the agency creative team, Phil and Flash Mailer and Mike Frampton. 9 Nov 2005 Read more
Picture Tree was thrilled to see director Oscar Strauss's Omo "Soccer" spot pick up a coveted award at the Unilever Brand Communications Awards recently. 7 Nov 2005 Read more
Ian Difford's (Picture Tree's tabletop director) latest work on Steers has been "totally unsuccessful" and the intricacies involved in food commercials are "too numerous to mention". That's according to King James's Creative Director, Eoin Welsh, who adds a cheeky "just kidding" after this tirade! 25 Oct 2005 Read more
If anyone ever doubted SA couldn't do post on the same world-class level we see in features, Picture Tree's latest shoot for Telkom is testament to the phenomenal talent we have in this country. 31 Aug 2005 Read more
"So long little Percy..." Has this little ditty got you humming along each time you watch Brett Wild's black-and-white montage commercial for Allan Gray? 10 Aug 2005 Read more
Within a month of joining Johannesburg based commercials production company, Picture Tree, Alan Irvin has four directing spots under his belt! First is the dramatic, richly textured spot for Scouts Namibia that is styled very much along the lines of a 40's styled traveling roadshow, and then there are three fun performance pieces for Steers burgers "get your mouth around this" campaign. 9 Aug 2005 Read more
It's been a good week for Picture Tree director, Brett Wild. Not only is he being showcased by US based Shoot magazine at their annual screening of the newest and hottest talent in New York May 19th, but he's also been profiled in their May 13th issue as a talent to watch. 15 May 2005 Read more
When JWT London comes a calling with a huge storyboard for UK cellular network and product provider, Vodafone, you don't play hard to get! What makes it even more fabulous was that Oscar Strauss, a director at Johannesburg based production company, Picture Tree, was the only South African director asked to pitch on the job. 7 Dec 2004 Read more
Gersh Kgamedi did Picture Tree proud with his latest shoot for a new Coca-Cola product, Fruitopia. Moving in a different direction to the classic vignette and performance work we have come to know from Gersh, he opted for an all out stunt commercial with helicopters, people falling off cliffs, into water, over rocks - all in camera effects with global stunts! 13 Oct 2004 Read more
Brett Wild, director of Johannesburg based production company, Picture Tree, is dripping in silver and gold after a successful weekend at the Loeries. 5 Oct 2004 Read more
Cellphones. Love 'em or hate 'em they're here to stay. But they are requiring a new social etiquette to be taught ... and Brett Wild's (Picture Tree) latest campaign for Cell C does just that. 27 Sep 2004 Read more
Brett Wild of Picture Tree caused a stir on the streets of Johannesburg during his latest shoot for the new Toyota RunX. After all, it's not often that you see a car dangling from a crane during peak hour traffic! 20 Sep 2004 Read more
The new Opel Corsa Utility test vehicle drives around and around South Africa - through snowy mountains, past the sea, deserts, lakes, and the city, stopping for a quick pit stop, and off again. Until something breaks down: the driver. 31 Aug 2004 Read more
Oscar Strauss of Picture Tree has once again wielded his storytelling magic on some great boards for Glad bags. Taking his lead from the world of fables, Oscar has created spots that will translate worldwide. 30 Aug 2004 Read more
Picture Tree is well pleased with director Brett Wild's decisive scoop of 1st and 2nd place for the CDF's ad of the month for the entire Channel O campaign. 23 Aug 2004 Read more
Picture Tree's production manager Scott Njumbuxa was caught unawares at the Dogstar Awards in Cape Town on Thursday night when he won the "Rising Star with exceptional achievement". Two other Rising Star awards were handed out, but Scott was singled out for his exceptional achievement in mentoring growth in the industry. 19 Aug 2004 Read more
There are heroes ... and then there are people like Aaron Malefo. So inspiring was his story, that not only did Edgars choose to focus their Father's Day commercial on him, but it also inspired production house, Picture Tree, and ad agency, TBWA Gavin Reddy to go one step further, when shooting the story last week. 6 Jun 2004 Read more
What's more fun than creating explosions and fires – even if it's within earshot of Madiba's Houghton residence? Or more fun than having celebs like Joost and Amor... and a blackened Francois Pienaar crawl around on their knees take after take? For Picture Tree's Brett Wild, it's winning things of course! 31 May 2004 Read more
It's been one hell of a first year – that seems to be the general consensus of Johannesburg based production company, Picture Tree. 1 May 2004 Read more
Ten years. A decade. A lifetime really in the fast-changing commercials industry that chases change, and sometimes attempts to hide from it. 25 Apr 2004 Read more
When Brett Wild loves an idea, it simply has to happen ... even if it gets shot on a shoestring budget! 11 Apr 2004 Read more