Become a social media master“Keeping up to date with the latest tools and apps will help you keep your clients up to date and ahead of their competitors.” So says Eli Katz, manager of the Boston Social Media Research Hub. “We established this research hub in order to find out what tools and apps work for who and as importantly, where they work", says Katz. “For example, YouTube is a great channel for dispersing information in an entertaining way, yet it won't work in the townships where data is at a premium and wifi not always accessible.” Katz goes on to explain that not only does the research hub establish ‘what' works ‘where', but they also keep up to date daily with new tools and apps that will enhance your social media reach. 28 Jul 2017 Read more >>

Maximise social media for your businessThe real one-day workshops which offer you the real “how to” in social media, with step-by-step live demonstrations and case studies. 19 Jun 2017 Read more >>

Unique new support for high school maths from Ivy AcademyThe core ingredient in breaching the economic division that plagues our nation as a whole is through taking drastic measures to enhance the quality of education for all South Africans. Unfortunately, we are not witnessing fast enough progress and it is time for us as corporates and community builders to do something constructive to aid school leavers. Eli Katz of Ivy Academy has been working on establishing a programme to do just that. Twenty-three years into democracy the youth falling within the lower LSM are still battling to secure a valuable education, and they are being made to believe that their tuition will suffice. Katz's programme will provide value to (specifically) maths learners. 20 Mar 2017 Read more >>

Top college is giving away 23 bursaries in just 23 daysGet a fresh start in the second semester with a DJFresh/Boston Bursary 8 Jun 2015 Read more >>

Boston City Campus & Business College to be FIELD Global Partner for Harvard Business SchoolIn January Boston City Campus is pleased to be hosting a team of students from Harvard Business School. The team of six MBA students will be in Johannesburg, working with the Boston Head Office team, for just over a week. This trip forms part of a required first-year course at Harvard Business School called FIELD, which stands for Field Immersion Experience for Leadership Development. An important element of the course incorporates a practical training exercise involving both educational institutions. 13 Jan 2014 Read more >>

As the country celebrates the achievements of the Class of 2013 with statistics about pass rates, distinctions and university exemptions making the headlines, the reality for many hardworking youngsters is that despite having done enough to qualify for university entry, there are simply not enough places available at the country's public institutions. 9 Jan 2014 Read more >>

Students - it is time to get apped!There can be no doubt that the use of information technology has changed the communication landscape and the way we share knowledge. This can also be seen in the education sector where many South African learners are being exposed to e-learning. 3 Oct 2013 Read more >>

The four 'P's' of successful prelimsPrincipal Kathy Martins says that matriculants should be structuring their lives around preparation, past papers, practice and perseverance. "Many matrics are feeling burnt our right now," she says, "and they need motivation to get into the swing of things for prelims and finals. Exam preparation involves various commitments including staying up to date with school work, concentrating while you work and not allowing for distractions such as cell-phones, keeping fit and healthy, adopting the right attitude as well as planning and starting your study preparation early." 21 Aug 2013 Read more >>

Real life tragedy through the eyes of an artistChepape Makgato is used to pushing hard to get what he wants. This includes using his own initiative to approach artist David Krut for an internship at his studio, starting a community art organisation in rural Polokwane and Limpopo and now staging his first solo exhibition themed around the Marikana Tragedy. 19 Aug 2013 Read more >>

Experience is the key to unlocking the job market!A tertiary qualification is a good start to a career; however, it by no means guarantees that you will walk into a job. There are numerous factors which have altered the job market - the global economy being one of them, the other is the fact that there are more job seekers than there are jobs so one has to make sure that you stand out from the other candidates. Boston City Campus & Business College is well aware that having some kind of work experience is one of the best ways to do this. 13 Aug 2013 Read more >>

Despite governments and business claiming that there is no longer any discrimination against women either in the academic environment or in the workplace, the reality tells a different story. There are still many more men in senior positions than women with only 13% of women represented on boards of listed companies. Furthermore more unemployment among women remains higher than in men. 7 Aug 2013 Read more >>

C'mon - make some noise with Boston and Soul CandiBeing the front man of a rock band is not the only way to get into the music industry - there are many other opportunities for those who love music or sound and have the creative flair to match their passion. 30 Jul 2013 Read more >>

As with many careers, there is growing concern at the apparent lack of skilled accountants in South Africa. Once a popular choice for school leavers, the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) has noted a decline in the number of young people enrolling for B.Com degrees. 24 Jul 2013 Read more >>

Boston achiever earns top results in EconomicsHaving first started her studies by completing a course in Sports Management, Tanja Bailey swopped training for trial balance. She is currently achieving great success. Tanja came first in the country in her Unisa Macro Economics exam (Economics 2 -nov 2012). 5 Jul 2013 Read more >>

Boston graduate tells her success storyZiyanda Mtshali thought that her future lay in advertising but after arriving at a large traditional university, having been accepted to follow her dream, she found that a big university with thousands of students was not working out the way she had thought it would. She took the brave step to walk away and after consulting with Boston City Campus & Business College she landed up at Boston Media House. A student advisory session helped Ziyanda clear her head, so she decided to enrol for the media practices diploma, discovering that it was actually the world of public relations she was destined to be a part of. 20 Jun 2013 Read more >>

Pop Poetry gives SA youth a voice for today and a vision for tomorrowAs South Africa approaches Youth Day on 16 June, the relevance, importance and future of the country's youth is once again coming under the spotlight. However, the fact is that as a society we cannot wait for one day each year to give our youth a platform where they can express their hopes, dreams, fears and concerns. As the future leaders, business men and politicians of South Africa, we should be listening to what they have to say every day. 7 Jun 2013 Read more >>

Travel, tourism and traffic is what put this Boston graduate on the road to successGrowing up in the small village of Dithakong East, 15km outside Mafikeng, a young Thabiso Khambule would sit for hours recording his own voice, editing his 'reports' and then playing them back to himself - loving the sound of hearing his own voice 'on the radio'. Today he is a familiar voice to thousands of Jacaranda FM listeners as he guides them through the traffic each day with his traffic reports. 15 May 2013 Read more >>

Boston Media House student, Merafe Thaganyane-Saku is making her mark at television channel and is not letting anything stand in the way of her achieving success. The young intern has grasped the opportunity to master all aspects of television production with both hands - taking advice and learning as much as she can from her more experienced colleagues. 23 Apr 2013 Read more >>

Whether you are a Unisa student who is aiming for the top or you need a bit of extra help just to get through your exams, the Boston City Campus & Business College Fast Track Seminars are a must for you. 18 Apr 2013 Read more >>

The Bloemfontein branch of Boston City Campus & Business College is offering a brand new course commencing 1 May aimed at assisting learners who are preparing for matric rewrites. The course provides learners with extra classes in their chosen subjects as well as providing them with guidance on how to study effectively. 16 Apr 2013 Read more >>

Head of Online Marketing for Boston City Campus & Business College, Frankie Coda, admits to being a bit of a 'late bloomer' and while the realisation that he had missed out on applying to get into full time university studies may have seemed like the end of the world to some, it turned out to be the door to a world of opportunities for Coda. 4 Apr 2013 Read more >>

If you see yourself having a career in the IT industry you will need to ensure that you have the right skills for the job, including being A+, N+ and Cisco CCNA Certified. These internationally recognised IT and networking qualifications will allow you to build, troubleshoot and repair computer systems, operate and manage networks of varying sizes and complexity and configure network routers and switches. 27 Mar 2013 Read more >>

Jerome 'Slim' Du Plooy's life growing up in Kliptown Soweto is a far cry from the successful life he leads now as a sought after TV presenter and MC, however this highly motivated and enthusiastic young man has not forgotten his roots or who he was and how he got to where he is today. 14 Mar 2013 Read more >>

The job market has always been an evolving and changing market, however these days the change is rapid. Today's jobs landscape is all about entrepreneurship, self-employment and ingenuity in a world where the old-fashioned job for life is in decline. 12 Mar 2013 Read more >>

In line with its principle to always offer course material that is relevant to the workplace and current trends, Boston City Campus & Business College has introduced two brand new courses, namely the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Private Cloud. 15 Feb 2013 Read more >>

Study at Boston to pursue your passion for sport as a careerDo you have football fever or cricket mania? Perhaps you should consider studying sport administration through Boston City Campus & Business College and making a career out of your passion for sport. 12 Feb 2013 Read more >>

Making a career choice may be easy for some; but for many school leavers making such an important choice can be very daunting and even worrying. Many school leavers end up choosing careers without properly understanding what they entail or what the coursework involves. As a leading provider of tertiary education in South Africa, Boston City Campus & Business College, believes that just offering degrees, diplomas and courses is only half of its job - the other half is ensuring that its students have the knowledge and support to make the right career choice. 5 Feb 2013 Read more >>

When looking at the class of 2012, experts in the field of education paint a bleak future - comments and criticism have been levelled at the high drop-out rate, the quality of education and the poor study and employment opportunities available for successful matriculants. 24 Jan 2013 Read more >>

It takes guts to walk into a business and out of the blue offer your services. This without having made an appointment or knowing anyone's names. Yet that is exactly what Mtutu Bembe did. "I saw an opportunity and decided to go for it," says Bembe. "Of course there was the risk of being laughed at in my face but fortunately things turned out well - I chatted to the owner of the business, he liked my ideas and we are currently negotiating a service contract." 9 Jan 2013 Read more >>

Boston City Campus & Business College has launched a new commerce degree. Called BCom Management Marketing, the degree is expected to become a sought-after qualification by employers and entrepreneurs alike. 14 Dec 2012 Read more >>

World AIDS Day that took place on 1 December brought together people from around the world to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and demonstrate international solidarity in the face of the pandemic. The day puts the spotlight on HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care, but, at the same time, it also serves to highlight the work opportunities and how you can make a difference. As Aids counsellors are active in every sphere of life, across industries and occupations, there are many employment opportunities, says Natalie Rabson of Boston City Campus & Business College. She urges jobseekers with a flair for humanitarian work to consider HIV/Aids counselling as a possible career. HIV/Aids counsellors operate as permanent employees in large corporates or as external consultants to disseminate the correct information about the disease and its treatment, and provide much needed support to those infected and affected. 6 Dec 2012 Read more >>

All dressed up with no money to go anywhere? Don't despair. There are great stories that you can enjoy on TV, entertaining local stories that make you laugh and cry and feel less alone in the world. Stories like the one written by Mantungwa Ndlangamandla. 4 Dec 2012 Read more >>

Finding your way in the murky waters of career choices can be an intimidating, not to mention confusing task. And while some individuals may have a clear vision of what they want to be and achieve in life, for the majority, they have only the vaguest idea of what direction they want to head in. 9 Nov 2012 Read more >>

Applications for students wishing to apply for bursaries at Boston City Campus are now open, so don't miss out the opportunity to join the thousands of Boston graduates around the world who are now in successful careers! 8 Nov 2012 Read more >>

Students wishing to enrol for Unisa degree studies in 2012 should be aware that the University has changed its application and registration policies over the last two years. 12 Apr 2012 Read more >>

Africa's largest independent dance record label, Soul Candi, has teamed up with Boston City Campus and Business College to offer courses in digital music composition and production. As from this month onwards, students can enrol for these short learning programmes that provide the skills needed to enter the exciting and ever-expanding industry of music production. 2 Feb 2012 Read more >>

Making a decision at the dinner table surrounded by family and friends is usually a good idea. Your loved ones can help you weigh the pros and cons and can come up with scintillating new suggestions. But when it comes to career decisions, don't do it. 1 Feb 2012 Read more >>

Don't be held back by a lack of experience. All things considered, in the end what employers mostly desire is competence, says Kerry Damons of Boston City Campus and Business College. 31 Jan 2012 Read more >>

As soon as you can, add further studies as a permanent item to your personal budget. Because sooner or later you are going to need monies to either improve your own skills and knowledge or to finance a child's further studies, says Natalie Rabson of Boston City Campus and Business College. "All eyes were on our finance minister yesterday as he announced the nation's budget for the year," she comments. 7 Mar 2011 Read more >>

In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes, repeated US statesman Benjamin Franklin reputedly said. What he could have faded is that most people are scared to death of taxes - and specifically of completing their own tax returns. "Tax legislation has become so complex that most people nowadays prefer to pay a tax practitioner or consultant to handle their tax affairs," says Natalie Rabson of Boston City Campus and Business College. 4 Mar 2011 Read more >>

Boston and Mr Price give new meaning to the adage "Been there, done that, got the t-shirt" with their internship as part of Experience It! campaign is to produce work-ready graduates, and the Mr Price group will offer permanent positions to interns who catch their attention during the three month period, says Justin Bodill, talent development specialist at this fast growing retail group. 3 Mar 2011 Read more >>

To have a good qualification and some work experience when entering the world of work is what most students dream of. Their chances of securing meaningful employment are then immensely improved compared to when they only have a qualification, say recruitment specialists. 16 Feb 2011 Read more >>

Experience it! College-corporate partnerships bring benefits to learners...Showing an industry need for good quality graduates, willing to work for short periods to gain experience and enhance their CV's, Boston City Campus and Business College has joined forces with major corporates to provide many of their learners with invaluable work experience. 19 Jan 2011 Read more >>

Freedom at last! No more uniforms and no more pesky teachers. That's awesome, but with freedom comes responsibilities. 10 Nov 2010 Read more >>

Not knowing when and how their prelims will take place is unsettling enough, but what many matriculants also worry about is the possibility that they won't be able to submit results in time as required by tertiary institutions where they intend furthering their studies after matric, says Natalie Rabson of Boston City Campus and Business College. Given that students and pupils perform less well when suffering from anxiety, Rabson urges matriculants and their parents not to allow the strike crisis to dampen their spirits. 9 Sep 2010 Read more >>

Financial service group Liberty Life is currently recruiting pupils for its 2011 Financial Sector Charter learnership programs. This learnership program is ideal for young people who want to gain exposure to a corporate environment and to obtain a recognized qualification within the period of January to December 2011. 8 Sep 2010 Read more >>

While the jury is still out on merits of increasing the use of technology in soccer, the role of technology in the modern-day workplace remains undeniably important. Commenting on the soccer furore of late, Kerry Damons of Boston City Campus & Business College the whole technology vs. referee debate was bound to happen sooner or later. "Soccer is 'work' for soccer players," she elaborates. 7 Jul 2010 Read more >>

Great news: Boston College is now open for mid-year registrations. We know everybody is excited about the World Cup, but if you are interested in getting the right start to a career, you should enrol as soon as possible. Remember all the fun of the football event in our country will not give you the further education needed to enter the job market. The sooner you enroll and start studying, the better. Boston City Campus Business College has 47 campuses all over South Africa. A variety of market-related courses offered. These include computers, management, marketing, tourism, sport administration, public relations, human resources, paralegal, media, secretarial, accounting and Unisa Centre for Business Management programmes. 11 Jun 2010 Read more >>

The largest HIV/Aids testing and counselling campaign in South Africa will start this week in an effort to take the bull by the horns as stated by Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi. Announced last week, the campaign will cost some and will expectedly see 15 million people tested for HIVand Aids by next year. Besides testing, the campaign includes a massive education, information and mobilisation plan, and involves all government hospitals, clinics, universities and further education and training campuses. 12 Apr 2010 Read more >>

Voted Best College in The Star Your Choice Awards 2009, Boston City Campus & Business College would like to invite you to come and investigate the reason for our outstanding achievement by visiting us at our stand at The Star Workplace exhibition. 17 Mar 2010 Read more >>